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The Pokemon Company Is Hiring NFT Experts, Fans Terrified




NFTs seem like a dying trend, but The Pokemon Company doesn't think so. According to a new job listing, the studio is looking for a corporate-level developer with NFT, Web3, and metaverse experience - terrifying fans that we're about to get the Pokemon announcement of our nightmares.

In the job advertisement, The Pokemon Company makes it clear that it is looking for applicants with a "deep knowledge and understanding of Web 3 [sic], including blockchain technologies and NFT, and/or metaverse." This strongly suggests that The Pokemon Company has some kind of plans for a Pokemon NFT/metaverse project, despite a pretty negative response to most Game companies taking these sorts of ventures so far.


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The news was spotted by Dexerto, who noted the disappointed reaction from fans who came across the job listing.

"Square Enix and now Pokemon company like seriously wtf stop it," says Twitter user @pory_leeks.

Others are even more disappointed, especially in light of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's rough launch, with bugs still present in the Game.

"I'm sorry, but this might be the last straw for me," says @Noobstoise. "They can't even finish a fully functional Game before release and now they're talking about adding that! Wtf!"

Of course, those who are already NFT enthusiasts are quite pleased with this development, feeling that the Pokemon series is a great opportunity for this kind of project. "I can't wait to see what they create, it will bring millions of new users into the ecosystem," says @SamEllisNFT. Regardless of what your opinion on NFTs is, they're probably right, too. A Pokemon NFT Game/project would undoubtedly benefit the blockchain community - probably more so than the gaming community.

Right now, it's not clear what The Pokemon Company is cooking up in this department. Nothing has been confirmed, but it's safe to say that a Pokemon NFT collection hasn't been ruled out.

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