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The mystery of “doorknobs” embedded in 300-million-year-old carbon strata




For a long time, scientists have been studying carbon strata, which contain fossils of plants and animals from more than 300 million years ago. However, recently objects have been found in these strata that have puzzled many researchers: doorknobs embedded in coal.

These objects are clearly of artificial origin, and their presence in such ancient geological layers is difficult to explain. Some believe the doorknobs were left there by extraterrestrial visitors or some unknown ancient civilization that inhabited Earth in the past.

However, scientists have a more plausible explanation for this mystery. It is believed that these objects are actually fossilized impressions of doorknobs that were made of wood and that degraded over time, leaving only their imprinted form in the charcoal. In other words, what we are seeing are the impressions of objects that no longer exist.

Although this explanation is more mundane than the theory of extraterrestrial visitors or unknown ancient civilizations, it still raises some interesting questions. How could the objects have left such sharp and detailed impressions in the charcoal? What technology was used to create these objects in the past? What other evidence of human activity or an unknown ancient civilization could be hidden in even deeper geological layers?

This mystery of doorknobs embedded in 300-million-year-old carbon strata remains intriguing and fascinating to scientists and mystery enthusiasts, and more research and discovery will likely be needed to fully unravel its meaning and origin.