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The Master Sword Will Go Through A "Major Transformation" In Tears Of The Kingdom




A new advert for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reveals that the Master Sword will undergo a "major transformation" over the course of the Game.

Nintendo has kept pretty hush, hush about Tears of the Kingdom since its reveal, only showing us around five minutes of footage over the course of a few years. One thing that it has consistently shown, however, is the Master Sword or, rather, what's left of it. We don't know how yet, but it's basically been reduced to a corrupted dagger, which means repairing it will likely be one of the main objectives of the Game.

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We'll likely have to wait until Tears of the Kingdom releases in order to find out everything about what happened to the Master Sword but, as reported by Nintendo Life, a new Japanese advert has given a few more details about its corrupted state and a tease for what's going to happen to it in the Game.


The advert, which was translated into English by Twitter user Steve Bowling, shows a render of the damaged Master Sword next to other versions of it across the Zelda timeline. The text on the right reads, "The Master Sword, decayed", confirming the obvious that it's seen some serious damage.

The text on the left is much more interesting, however. According to Bowling's translation, it reads, "The Master Sword, which has accompanied Link on his adventures, will undergo a major transformation in the latest entry of the Legend of Zelda series". The description is pretty vague, but it seems to indicate that the Master Sword will play a central role in Tears of the Kingdom and change appearance.

There's also the possibility that the advert is referring to the new "decayed" state as the major transformation, as it's the first time that the Master Sword has ever looked so dishevelled. We'll have to wait for the full release to find out what exactly it means, but it's clear that the sword will play an even more important role this time around.

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