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The Legend Of Dragoon Update Addresses PS Plus Buggy Launch




Last week, The Legend of Dragoon arrived on PS Plus thanks to a new port, but it was slated by fans for being "unplayable" and plagued by visual glitches. However, as of yesterday, a new update has been released that aims to fix these issues.

As reported by EuroGamer, the patch addresses Game-breaking bugs (such as an issue where using Dragoon Magic soft-locked the Game), audio lines, and the fuzzy blue lines. Fans on the subreddit have corroborated that first point, "Can confirm updated and used final burst, blossom storm, and astral drain IN A ROW! No soft lock."

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However, as per the patch notes shared by community organiser u/DrewUniverse, due to the way that The Legend of Dragoon is emulated, issues with "wonky" character models are not likely to be fixed.

The Legend Of Dragoon Background With Many Weaving Paths

If you want to try out the patched version of the Game, you need to stick with natural save points as "old-version save states will be using the old code". DrewUniverse is also asking fans to stress test things like using Dragoon Magic, so if something appears fixed, rewind and try it again to make sure.

Already, many in the comments of the patch notes are testing the bug fixes, and the sentiment seems to have flipped from outrage at the buggy port to relief at how fast fixes were rolled out; one commenter said, "I'm so happy to hear this. So far, the only problem I had was audio cutting. It seemed to happen about an hour into playing every time. If I reset, it was fixed for about an hour and then started up again. Hopefully, it's all fixed."

The only known or "new issues" left aside from wonky character models is the "extra spacing on sides of command bar in combat", but given how quickly "most of the major issues" were fixed, in only four Business days, it's likely that any other problems that crop up will follow a similar timeline.

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