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The Last Of Us Tommy Actor Pitched Ideas To Develop His Story In Season 2




While the stars of The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, didn't play the games, the same can't be said for the rest of the cast. In a recent interview, Tommy actor Gabriel Luna shares that he binged through both games before filming, and has plenty of ideas on how the crew can adapt Part 2 in the second season.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Luna reveals that he's already pitching ideas to Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann. He even has ideas on how Tommy's role can be explored in the second season more than it was in the Game, perhaps expanding his story in a similar way to what we saw with Bill and Frank in the first season.


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"I've pitched a few ideas to Craig and Neil about what we could explore, considering we can bubble out to certain pockets of the story that we don't get to experience in the Game," says Luna, clearly eager to get to work on the next season already.

Ellie, Tommy, Joel, and Maria looking at a flock of sheep from The Last of Us episode 6

However, it still isn't confirmed that Tommy will be fleshed out even further in the next season. "We'll see what they have in store, but I was ready before we shot the first frame of [season 1] for Part 2. I'm excited to get into that work."

If Luna is this passionate about it, it seems likely we'll see some further exploration of Tommy's character compared to what we got in the Games. The showrunner has already been open to experimentation from the actors, with Luna saying that he and Pascal "completely rewrote the scene" in which Tommy and Joel clash in episode six.

But even if we don't get any extra Tommy scenes, Luna's knowledge of Part 2 would have come in handy while filming the most recent episode. Unlike the first Game, we actually got to explore the settlement of Jackson, which originally debuted in Part 2. Some fans even think Dina could be spotted in one of the scenes, who will become much more important later on.

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