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The Last Of Us Reimagined As An FPS Using Photo Mode




The Last Of Us Part 1 has been taking a bit of a beating this week after its PC port launched in a disappointing state. If you need reminding why the original game is often lauded as one of the best ever made, perhaps a reimagining of what it might look like in first-person thanks to some nifty work with the remake's photo mode will help that.

Ceraphyte is the Last Of Us fan responsible for showing us the Game from an entirely different perspective (thanks, GamesRadar). Photo mode is usually added to Games so you can capture breathtaking pictures of the Game from all angles, and on occasion uncover some hidden details. However, Ceraphyte's chosen images make some key moments in The Last Of Us even more heartbreaking.


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The moments you get to spend with Sarah through Joel during the very early stages of the Game, for example. Watching Joel's daughter die in his arms is one thing. Looking directly into Sarah's eyes as if she were your own daughter just hours before that happens, or mere minutes in terms of actual Gameplay, makes one of the saddest scenes in video Game History hit you even harder.

Also included among Ceraphyte's first-person Last Of Us images is Ellie giving Joel and Bill the finger, and Marlene pointing a gun at you as you hold an unconscious Ellie in your arms. As if the decision Joel makes at the end of the Game wasn't already controversial enough, now you have an image that makes it look like you're the one who made it.

Perhaps the most striking photo of all is the one where you're holding a bloody Ellie's face in your hands as she looks directly into your eyes. An amazingly striking image that will hit anyone who has played the Game or watched the show right in the feels. You might want to hold off on recreating these moments on the new PC version of the Game, though. Its first hotfix is now live and Naughty Dog has promised more patches are on the way.

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