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The Last Of Us Part 1 Requires A Whopping 100GB Of Free Space On PC




The Last Of Us Part 1 arrives on PC this month, but you'll need a lot of free space to install and play it. A new trailer for the port has revealed that even on the lowest setting, The Last Of Us will occupy a whopping 100GB of room. On the bright side, at least we already know from the PS5 version that it looks really, really good.

Interestingly, a three-digit file size is even a significant step up on the room required for the PS5 version of the remake at 79GB. As pointed out by DualShockers, whether the smaller 79GB or massive 100GB, that's a lot of required space for a linear, single-player Game. Yes, we're all familiar with the hundreds of gigabytes of space Call of Duty Games require, but those Games also allow players to pick and choose the elements of the Game they actually use so the rest of it isn't taking up space.


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No spoilers here if you'll be playing Part 1 for the first time when it launches on PC, but The Last Of Us ain't Call of Duty. If that has dashed your expectations of the Game, you might want to cancel your pre-order as you've clearly gotten your wires crossed. The Last Of Us is great, its story is incredibly in-depth, but it has neither an open world nor a list of multiplayer options.

On the bright side, the other specs revealed for the port paint a promising picture of the Game likely looking better than it has ever looked before. Naughty Dog has clarified the recommended specs for a regular system, those of you who favor performance, and also ultra for anyone with the hardware capable of running what will be the very best-looking version of the PC Game.

The Last Of Us Part 1 launches on PC on March 28, but fans of the series have something else major to get past before then. The series finale of HBO's adaptation will air this Sunday. If you've been keeping up to date on the show, you might well be one of many fans hopeful Bella Ramsey gets an Emmy nomination for her performance in episode eight.

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