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The Last Of Us' Joel, Tommy, Sarah Actors Went On Holiday Before Filming




We don't spend long with the full Miller family in The Last of Us, but the brief look we do get into their life is perhaps one of the most pivotal moments of the story. Sarah's death defines Joel as a character, clearly influencing his decision-making throughout the first season. So to make this convincing, the Millers had to be a believable family - and the cast clearly knew this.

In preparation for filming, Pedro Pascal, Gabriel Luna, and Nico Palmer went on a mini family vacation. The official account for The Last of Us has just shared this with us, and they definitely pass for the Millers before the world went to hell, helping the actors get used to their roles before production kicked off.


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Snaps of the trio on a rafting trip together have been shared by Tommy actor Gabriel Luna, clearly putting some effort into getting in character. It's nice to see that Palmer got to tag along too, especially since she only properly appears in the first episode, and then later on in a very short flashback.

Of course, these three aren't the only members of the Miller family. As we've seen in the show so far, Ellie is a Miller in everything but name. For better or worse, she and Joel view each other as the family that was torn apart from them, something which neither will be in a hurry to let go of any time soon. This bond served them well against David at least, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that no one's mourning the loss of that creepy bastard.

For their part, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have also become good friends while filming. Over on social media, we've been getting a look at more from behind the scenes, with a particular focus on the two leads. This includes Pascal talking about his friendship with Ramsey - who he's nicknamed Bellie. No matter what happens in the show, it definitely seems like Pascal has enjoyed his time as Joel.

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