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The Last Of Us Finale Teaser Might Have Just Revealed How Ellie Is Immune




Eight episodes later and the first season of HBO's The Last Of Us is almost at its end. Just one more episode to go and if you're not all caught up there are spoilers ahead, as well as a few light ones from the Games. As always, a preview for next week's episode aired right after this week's, and one fan thinks a clip from it may explain why exactly Ellie is immune to the effects of the cordyceps fungus.

Loadedwithflavour has shared their theory on Reddit, and it relates to a scene that will be included in the finale which was never shown in the Games. Ellie's birth. It was revealed before the adaptation began that Ashley Johnson, who played Ellie in the Games, will portray her mom in the show. You are never shown Ellie's mom in the Games, but the series finale will include a scene showing Johnson giving birth.

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Here's where the immune theory comes in. During the finale preview, an infected is shown rushing toward Johnson on all fours. The theory suggests Ellie's mom was bitten, and thus doomed to either die or become a slave to the cordyceps, and that's why Ellie is immune. There will have been very few, perhaps even just this one, instances of someone pregnant getting bitten but still having enough time to give birth.

A theory on Ellie's immunity based on the preview for Episode 9 from ThelastofusHBOseries

While some of you have been skeptical of the theory in the replies, one person has added a little more evidence from the Games to add credence to it. A letter Ellie has in her bag confirms her mom knew she wouldn't be around to raise her. Perhaps because she had been bitten and knew her time with her daughter would be fleeting. Mere hours depending on whereabouts on her body she was bitten.

Just a theory for now, of course, and one that would deviate from the Games pretty significantly. Something the show hasn't been afraid to do when necessary. Other fan theories throughout season one have been proven right in the past too. Many of you figured out contaminated flour was the key to the fungus being able to spread so quickly after just one episode even though it wasn't confirmed until later in the series.

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