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The Last Of Us Fans Want The Mandalorian's Katy O'Brian To Play Abby




The Last Of Us season one is over and Mondays just aren't the same. On the bright side, there's going to be a season two and fan casting for Abby is currently in overdrive. Following last week's episode of The Mandalorian, many of you now think Katy O'Brian would be perfect for the role.

O'Brian plays Elia Kane on the show. Spoiler alert if you're not caught up, she's the one who lured Dr. Pershing into a trap and then proceeded to fry his brain using a mind flayer. She also played Jentorra in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania so yeah, O'Brian is having a pretty great 2023.

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Comparison images showcase why she would make a pretty great live-action Abby. The only issue might be her age. O'Brian is 34 while Abby is supposed to be around the same age as Ellie. Then again, the showrunners have already suggested elements of season two will be different from The Last Of Us Part 2.

It seems O'Brian also believed she'd be a good fit for the role of Abby, seemingly responding to fans calling for her to be considered for the job. Well, actually, O'Brian's wife Kylie Chi was the first to respond. Chi tweeted she's 90 percent sure the part has already gone to someone else. O'Brian replied, confirming that she asked her team to keep an eye on the situation but didn't even get an audition.

While O'Brian and Chi may well be mistaken and the role of Abby could still be up for grabs, that the position has been filled certainly lines up with the fan theory that Shannon Berry will play the part. Berry remains the favorite to play Abby among fans who noted that Neil Druckmann started following her on Instagram.

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