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The Last Of Us Fans Think There's An Infected Student In Episode One




Many of you watching HBO's The Last Of Us will likely rewatch the whole series once all nine episodes have aired, noticing things you didn't notice before. Some fans have already been doing that with three episodes to go, picking up on a very subtle detail from the opening moments of episode one.

The first indicator viewers get suggesting people have already started to become infected is when Sarah's elderly neighbor is making disturbing movements behind her. That same neighbor is the first infected person Sarah sees later in the episode, or that's what most of us previously thought. Turns out there was an indicator people were already becoming infected before either of those instances.


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The clip pointing to the first evidence that Sarah was in the vicinity of someone who was already infected was posted on TikTok by lifeofdevint (thanks, GamesRadar). It happens while Sarah is in class earlier in the day when she looks over at a fellow student who is moving their hand. Sarah notices because the student's bracelet keeps catching the sun and the glare distracts her.

A rewatch of that moment clearly shows the student isn't just moving their wrist, but they are twitching unnaturally. A poster in the following episode highlights one of the first symptoms people exhibit after becoming infected are muscle spasms. Someone in the replies to the video has also highlighted the bracelet the infected student is wearing is a medical one, possibly explaining why the symptoms took hold in them quicker than other people in the room.

It's extremely likely there were a lot more infected parties in the room as it has since been confirmed the fungus spread as quickly as it did through contaminated flour. Anyone who ate products containing flour the day before everything went wrong likely became infected. The twitching is one of many cool easter eggs discovered by fans. Add it to the list along with the whistling northern lights theory from episode six which may well hint at the fate of one of the show's characters.

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