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The Last Of Us Fans Discuss Who Would Win In A Fight Between Joel And Tommy




It's made abundantly clear – both in the Game and the show – that Joel and Tommy had to do some unsavoury things in order to survive, before the events of The Last of Us. We've seen the worst the brothers can do as they've both tortured enemies in order to get information. As brothers do, the two must have surely at some point had a fist fight; possibly when Tommy left to join the Fireflies. However, they've never gone at each other with no holds barred.

Since, over the two Games, we've seen what Joel and Tommy can do, fans began to debate which one of them would win in a fight. It is to be noted though, that Joel in The Last of Us Part 2 is older and understandably weaker than in Part 1, so when it comes to the video Game version, Part 1 Joel is the one to be considered.

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"Game characters: Joel, hands down. He's smarter. He's got better instincts. He's not afraid to fight dirty," mentioned ASixClawBuzz. "Show characters: obviously Tommy. He's younger and capable while Joel is old and slow and deaf. Joel is no match for him and he knows it." There is a scene in the show where Joel confesses to Tommy that he doesn't think he can keep Ellie safe anymore as his body is aging.

However, MCMiyukiDozo correctly pointed out that In TLOU Part 2 Tommy single-handedly massacred the WLF in Seattle – to such an extent that they were terrified of him.

"I’ll preface this by saying I’m not disagreeing but am genuinely curious - what makes you say Joel is smarter, etc, than Tommy?" added cracking. "It’s been a while since I’ve played Part 2, but if memory serves, Tommy definitely was a guy you do not want to fuck with. He reeled himself in at the beginning, but when he finally had to let himself go, he raised holy hell".

Most of the debating came down to Joel's experience and survival instinct versus Tommy's physical fitness and Military training. And if a consensus had to be reached, it seems that most feel Joel's video Game version would win, while in the show, it would be Tommy.

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