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The Last Of Us Fans Discuss Whether Eating Infected Is Viable




Like any post-apocalyptic setting, food is hard to come by in The Last of Us. Unless you're holed up with Bill and Frank, or living the communist life in Jackson, you're probably going to have to eat out of a 20-year-old Chef Boyardee can. Of course, you can always skewer a defenseless little bunny with a bow and arrow, like a monster.

In such times, survivors need to be smart and resourceful, taking advantage of any scraps they can find. Probably thinking along the same lines, one Redditor wondered why people in The Last of Us don't just eat all that food that's scattered about everywhere. Of course, they're talking about mushrooms. The infected have mushrooms all over them, so why not just eat the infected, proposed the aptly named weedmaster6669.

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"I'm not really in the fandom so forgive my lack of knowledge," they warned. "Like people eat mushrooms all the time, think about it - cannibalism aside, imagine trimming off the juicy mushroom bits from a Clicker, marinating it and roasting it over an open flame, doesn't that sound delicious? This is an apocalypse, there's no way hundreds of people haven't tried it, right?"

Right now, you may be wondering what this person has been smoking. Well, just go read their username again. However, they have made multiple edits to defend their idea. We'll skip right past the part about tying down a Clicker and slicing off chunks of Cordyceps, and move onto where they suggest roasting them. They did note that baking the flour via which it spread didn't work, but you can probably cook it for longer and hotter, "like chicken".

There is probably a temperature at which Cordyceps will no longer be harmful, but the bad news is that you'll probably just be eating a pile of ash.

Unsurprisingly, the comments were filled with people who couldn't believe what they just read. However, one of them did note that we shouldn't underestimate human stupidity. "We all know, deep in our hearts of hearts, that in the whole wide world of TLOU... there had to be that one idiot who was like "eh, why not" and was never heard from ever again," said TinySpaceDonut

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