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The Last Of Us Fans Are Going Wild Over A Possible Dina Cameo In Latest Episode




After a longer wait than usual due to episode five airing early to avoid clashing with the Super Bowl, HBO's The Last Of Us is back on track. If you haven't watched episode six yet stop reading here to avoid spoilers. Including the reveal that Sunday's episode may have given fans their first look at Dina.

If you don't know who Dina is, that probably means you haven't played The Last Of Us Part 2. Time for a second warning as yes, there are mild spoilers regarding the sequel below too. Three months after their heartbreaking goodbye to Sam and Henry, Joel and Ellie show up in Jackson. A town they'll become very familiar with if the confirmed second season follows the events of the second Game.

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Joel is reunited with Tommy and meets his new partner, Maria. The couple gives Joel and Ellie food, but the latter has her guard up. Someone around the same age as Ellie is shown peering around a pillar, at which point Ellie angrily tells her to go away. If you saw the mystery girl and instantly thought, or even said aloud, “was that Dina?” you were not alone.

In fact, so many people took to Twitter with that exact question after watching episode six that it trended. The Last Of Us writer Neil Druckmann even got wind of it, tweeting a screenshot and writing, “Ahahaha. Love, y’all!" Not confirmation that we really did just get our first look at Dina long before Part 2's story is told, but it seems very likely, and a quick search for her name on Twitter shows many fans are convinced.

Dina isn't introduced to The Last Of Us universe until Part 2 in the Games. Her romantic relationship with Ellie is integral to the plot and she will play a big part in season two should it follow in the sequel's footsteps. If that really was Dina in episode six, that presumably means the role has already been cast. Perhaps that means HBO's Abby has already been cast too with some thinking Shannon Berry will play the live-action version of the character.

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