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The Last Of Us Episode 7 Features The Naughty Dog Logo




HBO's The Last of Us episode seven is available for streaming now. While many of us may have not watched it yet, because of work and the EFL Cup final, the preview trailer for the episode already confirmed that it will be a flashback of Ellie's life before she met Joel, and will also focus on the events that took place in the first Game's Left Behind DLC.

Along with Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann has ensured that the show remains faithful to the Game, while also including original content that enhances the story. You could say that Druckmann – who is the co-president of the Game's developer, Naughty Dog – has also given the studio's seal of approval. However, it looks like the latest episode literally features Naughty Dog's logo.

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We won't get into the details of the episode, but somewhere around minute 7:25, there's a shot of a bunch of keys on a table with a keychain that has a red paw print on it. Gamers will immediately recognise that red paw as the signature of Naughty Dog studio. Does this mean that the studio exists in the TLOU universe itself? Probably not. But, considering Mortal Kombat is canon, maybe the studio did exist and the in-universe version of Neil Druckmann is roaming around somewhere as a Clicker.

The Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us told us about Ellie's past – mostly how she learnt she was immune from getting infected, and the people she's lost before meeting Joel. Among those is her tragic relationship with Riley. While we know that TLOU is not a happy story, fans of the Game did manage to get a little fun out of it at the expense of the HBO Max Twitter account, which posted an image of the two staring at each other, with the caption, "That best friend stare."

Twitter evidently found this quite entertaining, as the term "best friends" is a bit misleading when it comes to Ellie and Riley. While this is probably an attempt to avoid any spoilers about Ellie's sexuality, the replies to the Tweet are quite hilarious.

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