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The Last Of Us Dev "Reeling" After In-Game Tribute To His Wife Made The Show




The Last Of Us's adaptation has been praised for a number of things, one being its faithfulness to the original Game. Some shots are almost like-for-like remakes, including the finale's giraffe scene. Everything down to the baseball field which even features its fictional name on the scoreboard, something the developer who came up with it still can't believe.

Peter Field works at Media Molecule but he was previously a dev at Naughty Dog working on Uncharted and The Last Of Us. Field named the location where Joel and Ellie find the giraffes after his wife, Bethany Clare Field. An easter egg in the Game for those who know them, but Peter can't believe ten years later, it's now in an HBO show.


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“I'm still reeling from this. A silly Easter Egg I put in the original #TheLastOfUs Game has somehow survived the transition to live-action,” Field tweeted. The dev also shared images comparing the shots from the Game to the show, not only confirming the baseball field does indeed have the same name in both versions, but also showing off just how faithful an adaptation of the scene HBO's take on it was.

Field also notes in the replies that not only has the tribute to his wife been adapted for TV but even though the image is blurry, the scoreboard has been moved to make it even more visible. As for whether the scoreboard was literally built for the sake of the show remains unclear. Those of you who have seen the behind-the-scenes shots from Joel and Ellie's giraffe meeting will know that a lot of that moment was created using CGI.

Shockingly, the one part of it that isn't CGI is the giraffe itself. Some viewers accused the animal of looking like bad CGI after the episode aired. That the background and pretty much everything around them was CGI might be why it made the giraffe look like it wasn't real. As for those of you hoping to visit Bethany Clare Field on your Last Of Us tour between seasons one and two, sorry everyone, it doesn't exist.

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