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The Last Of Us Creator Tees Up Abby For Season 2 In Poster Tweet




It's Monday, you know what that means. We all watched a new episode of The Last Of Us last night. Oh wait, no, season one is over, and just to hammer home that reality, Neil Druckmann posted a teaser for season two. A poster featuring a very muscular arm gripping a hammer.

If you have played The Last Of Us Part 2, you'll know who that arm belongs to. If you haven't, there will be spoilers for the second Game ahead. The arm belongs to Abby. A character who plays a very big role in Part 2 and has seemingly been confirmed to play a very big role in season two.

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“No TLoU on HBO tonight. But Season 2 is already on its way! Endure & survive,” Druckmann tweeted. Good to know work on season two has already begun, but that doesn't mean the wait isn't going to be a long one. Pedro Pascal is hopeful filming will begin before the end of 2023, and Bella Ramsey has hypothesized the new season won't be done and ready to go until early 2025.

Druckmann openly teasing the introduction of Abby is interesting as only a few days ago, his fellow The Last Of Us showrunner admitted the decision whether to focus on Abby or not in season two hadn't been made yet. While it has already been confirmed that the second season will differ from the Games more than season one, it would have to be an entirely different story if it doesn't include Abby.

The debate over when exactly to introduce a now much larger faNBAse to Abby is likely driven by the significant plot point that happens at her hands right at the beginning of Part 2. Putting something like that anywhere in the first half of season one would be a huge roll of the dice, as it was in the Game. Then again, Druckmann recently reaffirmed that he doesn't care what people think about the decisions he made when writing Part 2's story, so that will likely apply to the adaptation too.

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