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The Finals Announces Two-Week-Long Closed Beta Starting March 7




The Finals, a brand-new free-to-play frenetic shooter coming soon to Steam, announced a two-week closed PC beta running from March 7 - 21. This news is also accompanied by a hectic new Gameplay trailer that shows off several abilities and the scope of the destructible environments.

The closed beta can be joined by going to The Finals' Steam page and hitting 'request access' in the playtest section. The beta will last for two weeks, and include two maps, one amongst the skyscrapers towering over Seoul, and one in the old town of Monaco, along the French Riveria.

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There will also be a practice range where you can try out all the weapons and gadgets available in the beta. This will come in handy as not only are there going to be casual matches for you to get to grips with the new Game, but ranked Games with leaderboards you can climb. You'll also be able to unlock more weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and more as you play through the beta.

If you're undecided on whether or not to try and get a spot in the beta, you should check out the trailer above. It showcases The Finals' absolutely raucous shooter Gameplay in the Seoul skyscraper map. Players run around in a sort of capture-the-flag mode, only you can absolutely lob the flag to your teammates in order so you can quickly return fire on an enemy or blow up the bridge they're shooting at you from.

We also got a sneak peek at some abilities such as leaping in the air and smashing back into the ground and placing turrets and shield barricades. We also saw even more of the Game's destruction. It's way more than just some visual damage, an entire walkway between two skyscrapers was blown apart and sent hurtling to the streets below, so it doesn't look like anywhere will be safe.

We'll know more about The Finals and its Game-show format once the beta drops, and hopefully we'll get an exact launch date soon after.

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