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The Extraterrestrial Races That “Try to Conquer” Earth




The number of extraterrestrial races is unknown, but the most courageous scientists believe that there may be 100,000 or more races identical to us in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. The alien cultures most recognized for alleged visits and potential interactions with humanity on Earth will be the subject of our next discussion.

They are also called “Draconians” because, as their name suggests, they are humanoid lizards whose civilization originated in the Alpha Draconis system.

They have an extremely hierarchical and comPetitive political-Military structure, measure about 4 meters in height and are known for being exemplary fighters. They are also very psychically gifted and feed on hate and fear, which is why they are now called “regressives”, although previously they were considered “demons”.

They have had extensive conflicts with people from other stars as a result of their aggressive nature. They would currently rule the world in secret, disguising themselves as members of the global aristocracy.

The iconic 1980s production “V” had a science fiction series that discussed this notion of conspiracy.

They are tall and slender, with a broad head and slanted dark eyes. They originate from the Zeta Reticuli star system in the constellation of Orion. There are only a few genuine grays; most are clones.

They act like robots because, as a result, they lack souls and feelings. In addition to being the main characters in most alien-themed movies and television shows, they are also responsible for most abductions that occur on Earth (such as the popular “X-Files”).

They supposedly work for the Reptilians and were involved in secret deals with the US government in the 1950’s. The Technology would have been given in exchange for genetic testing on humans, which would have prevented the extinction of the human race.

Said of the celestial community which includes our Sun and the Pleiades in Taurus. They are highly developed beings that resonate in harmony and love (the highest of all energetic vibrations).

They are also known for being blonde with blue eyes and much taller than most of us. As a result, they are also referred to as “Nordics” to distinguish them from Northern European individuals who have similar physical characteristics.

In ancient times they were called “angels”. They established the “Galactic Federation”, an association of races with friendly nations that governs the Milky Way, as a means of defense against the Reptilians.

His concern includes promoting the spiritual development of earthlings.

Nibiruans Or Anunnaki
It is the name the Sumerians gave to their gods, who originated on the planet Nibiru, which would orbit the sun every 3,600 years. Its name means “Those who descended from Heaven to Earth” in its literal sense.

They would have crossed their own DNA, which was already half human and half reptile, with that of hominids, forming the terrestrial human species, at least 200,000 years ago, according to Sumerian tablets translated by archaeologist Secharia Sitchin.

They considered early homo sapiens to be “gods”, given the vast differences in technology and understanding between them and modern humans. “Stargate” is a film and television series that presents a critical perspective on them.

The first people in our galaxy, they were. They established a strong civilization in their native constellation, Lyra, using decisions made by the female side of the brain, which is more empathetic and considerate of the natural world.

They are seen as “progressives” because of this. However, the invasion of the Reptilians in their space zone forced them to fight them in order to survive.

The Pleiadians are some of their descendants. During their flight, they established colonies in different star systems. While it is not fully known where they came from, it is speculated that they are from the “Paa Tal” civilization, which is said to have existed before the creation of the material universe.

The Lyrans would have ascended to denser levels in the present and would no longer be in the physical universe.

Despite having the same name as those who eat vegetables, they are named after the star Vega in the constellation Lyra. Although they were descended from the first Lyrans, their scientific advancement was on a par with their ancestors.

They are physically different from other Lyrians as they have a darker complexion which is more like Native Americans. Many historical archives were lost after the conflict with the Reptilians, and efforts were made to find them.

Also, they made contact with some individuals on Earth to help them with their spiritual development.

The people of Arcturus are one of the most evolved civilizations in this galaxy, according to the late psychic Edgar Cayce. They have only three fingers on their hands, scaly green skin, and huge, almond-shaped eyes.

They are completely telepathic and can move things around with their minds. They have maintained bases on Earth and the Moon almost since the beginning of life.

Its purpose is to enlighten people, move them into the fourth or fifth dimension, and even communicate with them through dreams.