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The United States military has always been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technology to maintain its superiority over other nations. From spy satellites to stealth fighters and atomic bombs, the military has always kept its technological advancements a secret until they are ready to be unveiled. However, this secrecy has also given rise to conspiracy theories about what the military might be working on behind closed doors.

One such conspiracy theory is that the U.S Military is working with aliens to develop advanced Technology. This theory gained traction in September 2018, when a video surfaced showing a triangular-shaped UFO hovering near the deck of the USS Ford, as an F-18 was approaching for landing.

The video immediately went viral, with many people wondering if the object was of extraterrestrial origin. However, as with many conspiracy theories, the truth is often far more mundane than people think. After forensic video analysis, it was revealed that the video was a hoax.

Mick West, a Science writer and forensic video analyst, was the first to spot inconsistencies in the video. For example, the shadows in the video were at the wrong angle, and the object appeared to be a toy model kit of the TR-3B, which is available for purchase. Furthermore, the object appeared to be jiggling around on the deck, which indicated that the motion tracking was not properly registered with the deck at a sub-pixel level.

These inconsistencies led West and other experts to conclude that the video was a hoax, designed to sow mistrust and anger towards the U.S military. Hostile governments could easily exploit videos like this to further their own propaganda efforts and undermine U.S military credibility.

This is not the first time that conspiracy theories about the U.S military have surfaced. For decades, people have speculated about secret weapons programs, underground bases, and other hidden projects that the military might be working on. However, the truth is often far less exciting than the conspiracy theories would have us believe.

While it is certainly possible that the Military is working on advanced Technology that we are not aware of, it is unlikely that they are working with aliens. The truth is that the Military’s black budget for research and covert operations is estimated to be around 50 billion dollars a year, and it is likely that much of this money goes towards developing new weapons and Technology that we will never know about.

In conclusion, the USS Ford UFO video is a hoax, and the conspiracy theory that the U.S military is working with aliens is baseless. While it is natural to be curious about what the military is working on, it is important to separate fact from fiction and avoid falling for conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality. As always, the truth is out there, but it is up to us to use critical thinking and skepticism to find it.