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The C-2 Greyhound’s Older Replacement Is Coming




One of the oldest aircraft employed by the United States Navy on its aircraft carriers will soon be bidding us farewell. The turbopropped, decked C-2A Greyhound, produced by Northrop Grumman in the 1960s, will be replaced by the CMV-22B, which will enter service in 2024.In today’s video, we are going to cover the technical features and advantages the CMV-22B has over its predecessor.


The C-2A Greyhound turboprop, manufactured by Northrop Grumman in the 1960s, will leave the scene by 2024 for the CMV-22B to enter service. “The CMV-22B brings expanded capabilities not only to the carrier onboard delivery mission, but to the high-end fight,” said U.S. Navy Captain Dewon Chaney, Commodore, Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Wing. “We are anxious to get it to the fleet and show off its immense capabilities and agile flexibility.”