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The 3rd Largest Gold Nugget – Now on Display to the Public




There isn’t a lot of information about this discovery of the gold nugget known as the Austrox Nugget. It was found somewhere in Western Australia, not by a major mining company, but by three small-scale prospectors using metal detectors.

And while most of the world’s largest gold nuggets were found back during the 1800s, this one is a little different.

This epic discovery was made in 2010.

Treasure Unearthed

It should be remembered the next time someone says that “all the gold is gone,” because gold mining has been active in Western Australia for over 150 years, and this nugget still remained in the ground for all that time.

It is without a doubt one of the most amazing pieces of gold ever to be found. Although there have been much larger gold nuggets mined all over Australia, very few of the early discoveries exist today. Most were lost to the smelters.

Modern-Day Treasure Hunters

Prospecting with metal detectors is now a very viable way for a prospector to recover gold nuggets today. And while most of the nuggets that are found are considerably smaller in size, every once in a while a monster nugget like this is discovered.

The total weight of this gold nugget is 51-pounds! Gold Nuggets of this size are simply unheard of nowadays. The piece is roughly the size of a soccer ball, with a fascinating mix of smooth surfaces and rough crystalline sections.

A Million Dollar Pay-Day

The finders of this awesome gold nugget sold it at auction not long after they discovered it, and it sold for over 1-million dollars, considerably more than it’s melt value.

Both the sellers and buyer of the Ausrox Nugget remain unknown. However, the current owner of this massive gold nugget has allowed it to be on display at museums around the world, where it has been available to be seen by visitors.

It is currently at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas.