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TF2 Fans Create A Website To Track The Big Slappy Bans




Who has been lying about big butts? Saying they don't like 'em? Well, it seems Team Fortress 2's big butt keeps on getting banned for some reason. In fact, the famously cakey character known as Big Slappy has now been banned and uNBAnned more than a dozen times.

It's hard to keep track of just how many times the meme-famous character mod has been sanctioned. But, handily, there is a website that's been created with the specific purpose of keeping track of whether Big Slappy is banned or not. Highlighted by 'heavy team fortres 2' on Twitter, the website will be a neat guide for those tracking this ongoing saga.

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Big Slappy first appeared as a meme way back in 2008, and eventually became a downloadable item on the TF2 Steam Workshop courtesy of one Coolchou Zhao. However, the Big Slappy mod was banned earlier this month for "violations of Steam's community and content guidelines".

But just days after, the mod was uNBAnned, with an apologetic message from Steam to boot. However, the mod keeps on getting banned; continually oscillating between banned and uNBAnned with no explanation from Valve. According to the tracker website, Big Slappy is currently banned, the fifteenth time it has been so, and the last ban ocurred only 12 hours ago (at the time of writing).

Valve is aware of the situation, with one Eric Smith, apparently the only developer on Team Fortress 2, being made aware of the Big Slappy drama by Coolchou Zhao, who emailed Smith regarding the issue. Although what, if anything, Valve will do about it is anyone's guess (read: very likely nothing much at all).

Whether we will see the return of Big Slappy remains to be seen, but for those wanting a definitive answer there is a neat site tracking it, and with the number of times the mod has been off then back again, we wouldn't place bets on not seeing it's return.

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