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Text-Based Resident Evil 4 Game Appears Online Overnight




March is a busy month for new arrivals in the video Game world, but the most-anticipated of a great bunch might well be Resident Evil 4 Remake. Launching on March 24, the wait for a reimagined version of one of the most popular Resident Evil Games ever made is almost over. If two and a bit more weeks is too much to handle, there's a text-based Game to fill the time between now and then.

Okay, it probably isn't going to tide you over for the better part of a month, but what appears to be an unannounced prequel for the upcoming remake is still a very welcome surprise. Reported by Push Square, a website called Baby Eagle Is Missing has appeared without fanfare overnight, and it seems to officially tie in to Resident Evil 4's story.


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Those who have played the original Game will have immediately clocked the first connection to the iconic Game. Baby Eagle is the codename the Secret Service uses for Ashley, the president's daughter. “The president's daughter, codename Baby Eagle, has been kidnapped,” the message that greets you when you visit the site reads.


“Dozens of agents have been mobilized to the scene, but we need global intel and assistance, you'll be analyzing and decoding the fragmented data we are getting from the ground.” Resident Evil fans appear to have been alerted to the ARG Game's existence by a Reddit user called SpecialAgentGreene. Note that the Redditor shares the name of the agent who has assigned you the mission in the Game.

Those of you who know Resident Evil 4's story inside and out will want to play the text-based Game in the hunt for clues pointing to how its remake might differ from the original Game. It has already been confirmed escorting Ashley around will be more appealing than it was before. You'll also need to make room for the remake as its file size will be double that of Resident Evil Village.

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