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Tetris Effect: Connected Soon To Get Four More Game Modes




Tetris Effect: Connected, the new and improved version of the already classic title from 2018, is currently set to receive a significant update. The Winter Update which will be released on February 22 introduces four new Game modes in addition to a variety of different technical enhancements.

Tetris quickly became a fan favorite when the game first appeared back in 1984. The game's simple yet strangely captivating gameplay have made the title a timeless classic, having been adapted and reimagined countless times over the years. Tetris Effect picked up the core mechanics of the original, elevating them to new heights through light, sound, and the use of music.

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The multiplayer has been a significant draw for players ever since the release of Tetris Effect: Connected. The latest update builds on this feature by introducing four new Game modes which are designed to provide a brand new set of challenges. The modes in question consist of a singleplayer version of Classic Score Attack, Zone Marathon, Endless Purify, and Endless Master Mode.

In addition to the new Game modes, the Winter Update also brings a range of technical improvements. Players on the Nintendo Switch for example are now able to enjoy the Game in Vertical Tate Mode, while the Game's now native support for PS5 brings a host of new features including haptic feedback for DualSense and support for the PSVR 2, something which has been scheduled to release on the same day as the Winter Update.

PSVR 2 support is particularly exciting for players who prefer to get into Games in virtual reality. With support for PSVR 2, players can experience Tetris Effect: Connected like never before with immersive graphics and haptic feedback, both adding a new dimension to the already stunning Gameplay.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the upcoming Winter Update. Whether seasoned players or people entirely new to the Game, the new modes and technical enhancements promise to offer a fresh and exciting experience. With the addition of support for PSVR 2, Tetris Effect: Connected is poised to become even more immersive and engaging than ever before.

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