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Terrifying Moment Shark Swims Past Scuba Diver And Bares Its Teeth




Matt Prior was diving at South West Rock, on the mid north coast of New South Wales, when a Grey Nurse Shark began to glide past him, the MailOnline reports.

He captured the heart-stopping moment when the toothy predator swam towards the diver.

The shark bared its razor sharp teeth at Mr Prior, but the terrifying creature keeps swimming on in another direction.

Grey Nurse Sharks, which are considered to be an endangered species, are found most commonly in the east and west coasts of Australia.

They are not usually considered to be a threat to swimmers.

Grey Nurse Sharks are not known to be a threat to swimmers

The shark was captured in the sea and video footage shows a lifeguard beckoning an unsuspecting swimmer who was close to the beast.

The creature is seen swimming along the shoreline as onlookers stand on the beach and a lifeguard calls swimmers out of the water.

Deformed shark with one eye and 'craziest teeth' circles divers in tense  encounter - Daily Star

It appears to head towards a woman swimming on her own further out in the sea and the lifeguard tries to alert her.