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Temtem Officially Adds Nuzlocke Mode, Something Pokemon Refuses To Do




Ever since its early access release, Temtem has been pushing the boundaries of what Pokemon could be. It's an online MMO where tamers both train and battle Temtem against real people all the time, with social hubs to show off the latest accessories from seasonal content updates. And today, Temtem added another feature that Pokemon fans have been demanding for years.

With update 1.3, Temtem now offers tamers Challenge Modes. These official modes, many of which were inspired by unofficial Pokemon challenges, are accessed from the main menu and apply difficulty-increasing rules on your next playthrough. And chief among them is Nuzlocke mode.

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In Pokemon, a Nuzlocke run follows some special rules: if a Pokemon faints, it's actually dead and must be released, and you have to use the first Pokemon you catch from each new area. Since Temtem battles in teams of two, Temtem's Nuzlocke limits your captures to the first two Temtem you see per route, and automatically releases Temtem that have been knocked out in battle.

Besides Nuzlocke mode, there's also the Randomlocke mode which randomizes almost everything about the Game, from Temtem and NPC battles you encounter in the overworld to the Techniques and items available. It's chaos in pure form inspired by Pokemon randomizers available through emulation. There's also Speedrun mode which adds a timer and challenges players to beat the Game before that time expires.

While many will take on these challenges just for the thrill alone, Temtem is also offering rewards for those brave enough to complete them. There's a new nametag, cosmetics, and emotes to unlock by completing each of these three new modes.

For more, check out the official blog update over on developer Crema's site. Be sure to check out the new season details, the St Patrick's Day-themed event, and all the balance changes that came with update 1.3, available now on every platform Temtem is played.

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