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Telltale Reveals The Expanse Extended Gameplay Trailer




Telltale Games in partnership with developer Deck Nine recently released an extended Gameplay trailer showcasing the weightless exploration mechanics in the upcoming adventure Game The Expanse: A Telltale Series. The title takes place in the universe of the popular Science fiction show and eponymous book series, expected to be released later this year.

The video features main character Camina Drummer exploring the remains of a destroyed ship, mag-booting through its zero-gravity environment. The movie demonstrates how the exploration and scavenging of items are incorporated into the storytelling mechanics of the Game.

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The extended gameplay trailer shows how players can scavenge various items which can alter their relationship with characters and affect the ending of the game. The Expanse will additionally feature a decision making system which alters the plot and story, Game Director Stephan Frost explaining how “choices are very important.” When it comes to saving a crew member of the beleaguered ship shown in the trailer, the decision affects not only "this character, but it affects the plot, the story going forward.”

"The Expanse is all about gray,” Frost remarks about saving this particular character. “And you know, a situation like this, there's an upside and there's a downside to both decisions."

The movie introduces a new character called Maya, a defector from Mars. This goes on to reveal a couple of details concerning the relationship between Camina and Maya before showing off some rather impressive images of outer space which only add to the game’s already considerable sense of scale.

The worldbuilding, decision making mechanics, and zero-gravity environments promise to make The Expanse an interesting addition to the adventure genre. The video provides an enticing glimpse into what the Game has to offer. While there is still no official release date, The Expanse is currently scheduled to launch at some point this summer.

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