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Ted Lasso Irks Zelda Fans By Referencing Breath Of The Wild's "Levels"




Ted Lasso has returned for its third season and seconds into its first episode, Gamers were likely smiling as Ted and his son bonded over a Nintendo Switch. However, the mood changed when a flight attendant tried to relate to them by speaking about her struggles to move past the “final level” of Breath of the Wild.

Pointed out by AndreSegers, and they're not the only one, Breath of the Wild doesn't have levels. “'Final level' of BOTW?! BotW doesn't have levels! Ted Lasso s3 already off to a rocky start,” Andre tweeted. A real shame as just moments earlier, Ted and his son discussed the difficulties of unlocking Peach in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, something you actually do have to do.


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Some of you are puzzled over why Ted Lasso's creators would go to the effort of using the names of real Games only to include an inaccuracy. However, others have come to the flight attendant's defense. Casual Gamers probably do view Hyrule Castle or the Game's final boss fight as a level. A Game store employee even claims those same casual Gamers often refer to addition lives as “extra guys”. I still don't believe anyone calls them that but there you go.

It's also possible the flight attendant hasn't played Breath of the Wild at all and was just trying to make conversation. Ted is such a nice guy that he chooses to move past the level comment rather than call out a stranger, something many of us simply wouldn't be able to do. No major spoilers here, but the entire episode revolves around Ted's reluctance to confront and upset other people, even when they're trying to do exactly that to him.

The flight attendant is clearly such a casual Gamer that she might not even know Breath of the Wild's story will continue later this year. Tears of the Kingdom launches on May 12 and the hype for what might well be the biggest Game of the year continues to build. It's going to cost $70, but Nintendo's Doug Bowser has promised it will warrant that price tag.

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