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Tears Of The Kingdom Will Let You Fuse Weapons Together




The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will provide Link with a host of new abilities, including the power to fuse two seemingly innocuous objects together to create a powerful weapon.

Today's Gameplay reveal showed off Link's new powers, including the time-bending Rewind mechanic that lets him turn back time for objects. This turned a falling rock into a rising elevator, allowing Link to reach the floating islands that now populate the skies in Tears of the Kingdom. Another new ability is Fuse, which lets Link take two objects and slap them together to create a new weapon.

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The first fused weapon we saw combined a boulder and a branch to create a makeshift hammer. While the branch broke after just a few swings, the new branch-hammer seemed to have far more durability, with Link bashing two robot enemies into pieces with ease. Next, Link fused together a long stick and a pitchfork to create a super-long pitchfork that could attack enemies from almost an entire screen away.


Trick arrows can also be created by fusing items, such as the White Chuchu Jelly to create freezing arrows or Keese Eyeballs to create homing arrows. We were teased a Korok Frod as another possible combination, although we weren't explicitly shown just what a Korok Frond arrow could do.

Slapping a Puffshroom on a shield created a trap for opponents. As soon as the robot struck the shield, it blew up in a giant cloud of smoke that obscured Link's movement, allowing him to maneuver behind his enemy to deliver a killing blow.

It was suggested there are many more potential fusions to discover, so players will have to explore Tears of the Kingdom and gather everything they can to see what new weapons they can create.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Linked showed off his Ultrahand ability, which works similarly to fusion. Instead of combining objects to create a weapon, Link adheres objects to create something entirely new. Three logs and two fans later, Link had created an air-powered boat. Link can also use Ultrahand to create cars, planes, and who knows what else?

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom arrives May 12 only on the Nintendo Switch.

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