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Tears Of The Kingdom Themed Nintendo Switch OLED Launching April 28




It might only be a little more than a month until Tears of the Kingdom finally launches, but some of you are already dying to know more about the sequel. Nintendo is very aware of that, hence it showing off ten minutes of Gameplay from the sequel today. To cap off the best look at the follow-up to Breath of the Wild we've seen so far, Nintendo confirmed Tears of the Kingdom will indeed be getting its very own limited edition OLED Switch two weeks prior to the Game's arrival.

After Eiji Aonuma was done playing through some of Tears of the Kingdom for our benefit, the screen faded to black before cutting to footage of the new OLED Switch which will be available from April 28. The special edition console will have gold Joy-Con with green and white patterns on them. The dock itself will be white with gold detailing.


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No word on how much the OLED Switch will cost, or how limited it will be, although it will likely retail at the same price as the regular version of the console. It's also worth noting that it doesn't come with a copy of the Game, although that was likely clear to most of you since the console launches two weeks before Tears of the Kingdom will be available.

As expected, the design of the OLED Switch is exactly the same as the images of the console that were leaked all the way back in December 2022. Very little of the Game had been shown at that point making it unclear whether the leak was a legitimate one. However, as trailers and official images started to drop, the symbols in them, which weren't present in Breath of the Wild, confirmed the leak to likely be real as they matched up perfectly.

Ten minutes might not sound like a long time, but it was enough to give Zelda fans an incredibly good look at Tears of the Kingdom. Particularly what exactly will be different when compared to Breath of the Wild. Most of the Gameplay was spent on the Game's sky islands, areas you will be able to access by riding fallen rocks up into the clouds by using Link's new ability, Recall.

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