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Tears Of The Kingdom Site Already Includes DLC References




It might still be more than two months until the launch of Tears of the Kingdom, but Nintendo is already finding it hard to keep details about it under wraps. First via its artbook leak, and now through a footnote discovered on its website. A footnote that appears to confirm Tears of the Kingdom will be getting paid DLC.

The note on the Tears of the Kingdom site's homepage was discovered and shared by RyticulaMoff on Reddit. All it says is, “Full version of Game required to use DLC. Sold separately.” Nintendo hasn't mentioned whether Tears of the Kingdom will be getting post-launch content or not, but this note appears to confirm that it will.

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As highlighted in the replies to the Reddit post that spotted this, while this might be the first mention of Tears of the Kingdom DLC, it hasn't come as a surprise to many who have played Breath of the Wild. The prior Zelda Game got two lots of DLC, The Master Trials and The Champion's Ballad, which could be bought together as a part of the Game's expansion pass.

Link from Tears of the Kingdom

The reveal that Breath of the Wild would be getting DLC, on the other hand, did come as quite a surprise when Nintendo confirmed the news six years ago. Additional story content for its Games wasn't the norm for Nintendo at the time. That has changed over the course of the Switch's lifetime so Tears of the Kingdom following that new trend makes a lot of sense. As for what that DLC will include, that probably won't be confirmed until after Tears of the Kingdom has launched.

Tears of the Kingdom will almost definitely be the biggest Game launching on Switch this year, and potentially the biggest milestone for the console full stop. Hype for the sequel kicked up a gear when the newest trailer was revealed earlier this month and it hasn't really slowed down since. Between hints the Game will be getting its own OLED Switch and some of you potentially spotting Gleeok, there are already so many talking points about the Game this far out.

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