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Tears Of The Kingdom Leaks Confirm Hyrulian Cheese Is A Thing




If you've been following the news about Tears of the Kingdom ahead of its May 12 launch, you will have likely gotten wind of the significant leak last week. Images and passages from the Game's artwork have been finding their way online, and while the below won't make reference to any significant spoilers for the sequel, it does reveal that Hyrulian cheese is a thing and will be present in Tears of the Kingdom.

Well, technically it's Hateno cheese as some Zelda fans have managed to figure out from the captions. What role cheese will play in Tears of the Kingdom remains unclear, and while you may have read that sentence and thought, “well, for eating, of course,” some excited Zelda fans have other ideas.


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The images in the artbook show triangle-shaped wedges of cheese, leading some players to joke Link will need to traverse Hyrule looking for three of them to make the series' iconic triforce symbol. One reply even suggested calling it the “Brie-force” which suggests to me whoever it is has been pronouncing brie wrong their entire life. Who's going to tell them?

Most of the replies are from excited Zelda fans trying to think of cheese puns, and most of them are predictably terrible. One fan hopes Link will be able to get his hands on an entire wheel of cheese and roll it down a hill. There are also plenty of jokes about the cheese degrading over time like Breath of the Wild's weapons, suggesting the cheese turns blue and even does Link harm if he eats it after it has been in his bag too long.

If you want to avoid discovering anything more about Tears of the Kingdom, other than it will have cheese, before it launches, tread carefully for the next few months. As for info about the Game Nintendo is happy for us all to know, players will be able to change the design of Link's parasail using previously released amiibo. Plus, eagle-eyed fans think they spotted Gleeok in its most recent trailer.

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