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Tears Of The Kingdom Box Art Backs Rumors Of New OLED Switch




The hype generated for Tears of the Kingdom with more than two months still to go until its launch should demonstrate just how big a deal it will be once it's here. Everything and anything leaked or discovered is being meticulously dissected by Zelda fans. That includes what seems to be a first look at the sequel's box art which further corroborates rumors the Game will be getting its own limited edition OLED Switch.

The images of the box art have been shared on Reddit and naturally generated quite a bit of buzz. That's because if they're the real deal, it's the first look we've had at the Game's packaging. Shared by Chili_Pat, the Zelda fan claims to have happened on the box when visiting Nintendo Tokyo. For the most part, it's exactly what you'd expect, featuring images that have already been officially shown off.

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What caught my eye are the swirls on the back. The Mysterious symbols can be seen all over Tears of the Kingdom's collector's edition, so it makes sense they'd be on the box art too. However, the first place the swirls showed up were on leaked images of a limited edition OLED Switch rumored to be launching alongside the sequel.

Some TOTK from Nintendo Tokyo today! from tearsofthekingdom

Nintendo hasn't even mentioned Tears of the Kingdom will be getting its own special edition console yet, let alone shown it off. However, the swirls you could see all over it are pretty strong evidence those leaked pictures were the real deal. The symbols aren't in Breath of the Wild, and the images of the Switch circulated online before any official material bearing the circles was released by Nintendo.

Nintendo really has its hands full trying to control what it does and doesn't want the world to know about its next Zelda Game. Images from Tears of the Kingdom's art book leaking online led to some major spoilers making it out into the world. A note on the sequel's site also appears to have confirmed it will be getting paid DLC post-launch.

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