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Team Fortress 2 Player Is Selling A Glitched Rocket Jumper For $1,000




A few years ago, Team Fortress 2 had a glitch that let players put specialised killstreaks on any item, whether that was hats, keys, taunts, or weapons. An SK tracks how many kills you get with said item, so putting it on something like a hat is completely pointless, but that's what TF2 fans did before it got patched. And some of these useless items still exist, with a specialised killstreak rocket jumper cropping up on the community market for $1,000.

A rocket jumper is an RPG that fires no-damage missiles which propel you into the air, meaning it can't kill enemies. Like a hat, putting a specialised killstreak on it is almost entirely pointless because you can't get kills with it to rack up the number (bar rock paper scissors), but given that the glitch rendered these novelty jokes rare, they fetch a pretty penny.

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However, since the glitch was patched a few years ago now, seeing a killstreak rocket jumper crop up on the market has understandably confused players. u/bettawithchedda took to the TF2 subreddit to ask, "why is this rocket jumper so expensive?" And as u/mediarch replied, "They're rare enough [that] they can sorta charge whatever they want".

u/CasualPlebGamer continued, "It's not exactly a hot seller, but it is a rare item that is rarely available, like all old glitch items, most are in the hands of collectors who don't resell them short of a king's ransom, and it's pretty decent trolldier bling."

It seems useless on the surface, but there is a way to get killstreak points with a rocket jumper. As u/mediarch points out, "Rock Paper Scissors 'kills' them with whatever weapon you are holding", so if you have the rocket jumper out, it would count. This is a fairly obtuse way to get killstreak points, especially compared to actual weapons, but it works.

What's more unique about the rocket jumper is that it's one of the few meme items that still have a killstreak sheen applied to them, the other being the Bonk Helm since the two cans on the side use the same model as the Bonk! Atomic Punch (as pointed out by u/Negative_Yak3206). So, you can kind of get kills (albeit awkwardly), and it has a neat sheen. Is it worth $1,000 though? If you're a frugal collector, maybe.

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