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Team Fortress 2 Community Celebrates As Steam Unbans Big Slappy




Team Fortress 2's Big Slappy has become legend, known far and wide for some truly awe-inspiring butt cheeks. It's silly and excessive, but also charismatic, instantly recognisable, and one of those things that gives the fan-made side of gaming its character and anarchic culture.

Sadly, however, Steam user Coolchou Zhao who did the truly important work of adding a Scout cosmetic inspired by the Big Slappy meme to the Steam Workshop was banned. Coolchou Zhao announced it on Twitter, with the Steam message superimposed on top of a clip featuring Breaking Bad character Mike Ehrmantraut saying "1984". Apparently Big Slappy had been reported for "violations" of Steam's community content guidelines. This dismayed the devoted Team Fortress 2 community, to put it mildly.

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However, two days later, Big Slappy is back. "The content was removed by our staff based on an investigation of reports from other Steam users", the Steam Support message read. "After reviewing the content, it looks like we made a mistake in the evaluation; I've since updated the status of the content".

If you don't know about Big Slappy, there is a lot of lore associated with those big butt cheeks. The image went viral in 2016 and has since spawned a legion of references, memes, and fanart.

But the fame of Scout's ass goes all the way back to 2008 when Gamebanana user Spider4N uploaded custom TF2 spray "Scout Ass" to the site. The image showed Scout mid run with his buttocks "arched towards the viewer". Years later this image was captioned "Big Slappy" and was shared widely by Tumblr users. It then gained virality as it was shared around the Internet.

Eventually, Steam user Coolchou Zhou added Big Slappy as a cosmetic to the Steam Workshop, and which was somehow banned a couple of days ago. It's unclear why or who would report such an iconic item, but at least Big Slappy has been reinstated for all to enjoy once again.

For more on the illustrious History of Big Slappy, Know Your Meme has an excellent breakdown. Meanwhile, those wanting to check out Coolchou Zhao's good work can visit their Steam page here, while Big Slappy is here.

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