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Taylor Swift Was Just Spotted Grabbing Dinner and Her Outfit May Have a Subtle Message About “Rebirth”




Taylor Swift just made her first public appearance since news of her split with Joe Alwyn broke, showing up at popular NYC restaurant Via Carota (which fans are pointing out is mere minutes from Cornelia Street) with her friends Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley.

Tay looked incredible in an off-the-shoulder black top, which she paired with jeans featuring a cut-out bejeweled ʙuттerfly:

As E! News noted, Tay could be sending a subtle message with these jeans because ʙuттerflies are—as the outlet put it—a “symbol of a rebirth and transformation.” Might be a reach or might be Taylor delivering a sartorial Easter egg, but either way, here are the jeans if you suddenly feel the need to own them:

Reminder that news of Taylor and Joe’s split dropped on Saturday, and a source recently told People what went wrong, citing “differences in their personalities.”

“They’ve had rough patches before and always worked things out, so friends thought they would take some time apart but eventually come back together,” the insider explained, noting that ultimately Taylor and Joe “weren’t the right fit for one another.”

“They had plenty in common and fell in love in a safe bubble while she was retreating from the world during Reputation,” the source continued. “Then the pandemic hit, and they were locked down together and able to continue growing their relationship in this insulated way. But he didn’t really ‘know’ her yet outside of that bubble.”

On top of that, “Joe has struggled with Taylor’s level of fame and the attention from the public. The differences in their personalities have also become harder to ignore after years together. They’ve grown apart.”

Neither Taylor nor Joe have confirmed their breakup, but there’s plenty to read into on Taylor’s Eras Tour…