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Taylor Swift surprises Minneapolis crowd with seldom-heard song Tied Together With a Smile




Taylor Swift sang Tied Together With a Smile, a seldom-heard song from her catalog, during her concert at Minneapolis, Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium on Saturday.

The 28-year-old integrated the country ballad into her playlist as a surprise song she performs on her tour in support of her latest album, Reputation.

The track is from Taylor’s self-тιтled debut album that came out 12 years ago. Taylor had past said she based the song off the story of a girl she knew who was a beauty queen who had an eating disorder.

The Look What You Made Me Do artist touched on the important message she’s seeking to convey with the song: Be kind to yourself.

‘One thing I have noticed in my life is you can never judge what somebody else is going through, even if they seem like they have it all together, they seem like, how can they ever have any problems?’ she asked her fans, Billboard reported.

‘Somebody is maybe really beautiful or seems like they have it all together, maybe they have a life that you’re really envious of,’ Swift said.

She continued: ‘But I’ve learned that appearances aren’t everything – just because somebody looks happy doesn’t mean they are; just because somebody looks Healthy doesn’t mean they are.’

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