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Taylor Swift sells out heart-shaped vinyl for Valentine’s day in minutes




The ‘Lavender Haze’ singer is back in the news this week with a limited edition release vinyl of her “Lovers: live from Paris” singles collection. The two heart-shaped vinyls, released just in time for valentine’s day sold out in under 30 minutes.

Limited Edition record
Only available on the singer’s official website, the set of two vinyls are made from a marbled pink and blue PVC material. The dual-sided records include various singles from the artist’s 2019 ‘Lovers’ album, performed and recorded live in Paris.

Although the website set a strict limit of one per customer policy, the Valentine’s day vinyl managed to sell out in under 30 minutes.

High resale value
Swift has been known to release a vinyl with each new album she puts out, and this isn’t the first time her records have sold out in a small period of time. According to NME Magazine, one in every 25 vinyls sold in 2022 was a Taylor Swift record.

The high demand for Taylor Swift records and other merchandise has also created a high resale value for the products. Almost as fast as the Lover’s heart-shaped vinyl records sold out, eBay listings of the item started popping up.

New listings of the now sold-out record are priced between $130 to $1,150 USD, the original record from Swift’s website was listed for $39.99. eBay resellers also often opt for the ‘best offer’ type of listing as it allows potential buyers to bid on the item.

With the model of resale, and the increased demand for the vinyl over time, prices are only likely to increase.

Despite the already high resale value, ‘Lovers: Live from Paris’ also isn’t Swift’s most sought-after Vinyl. Her earlier work, particularly vinyl releases of her 2012 ‘Red,’ 2014 ‘1989,’ and 2017 ‘Reputation’ albums all typically reach well into the one to three thousand range on eBay and other reselling sites.