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Taylor Swift’s Best Beauty Moments Have This In Common




If we were playing a Game of word ᴀssociation with Taylor Swift as our subject, red lipstick would likely be one of the top identifiers tossed around. Through her rise from newbie country singer to chart-topping pop star, Swift and her favorite makeup look have become nearly inseparable. In fact, since about 2010, Swift has rarely been spotted without a crimson pout, whether she’s on stage, hitting the red carPet, or just cruising around New York City.

Of course, just because she loves red lipstick doesn’t mean she doesn’t experiment with shades and textures. To celebrate today’s release of the star’s buzzy new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, we took an in-depth look at the best ways the singer has sported her signature lip color over the years.

Scroll through the slideshow ahead for Swift’s best takes on the classic look.


For Paris Fashion Week, Swift opted for a glossy, orange-red color, then accented it with lush lashes and wispy bangs

This rich berry shade added extra glam to the smoldering eye makeup Swift wore to the MTV Video Music Awards

For the premiere of The Giver, Swift proved that a classic, matchy-matchy look is eternally chic.

At the  Grammy Awards, Swift paired another bold red lipstick with a razor-sharp bob.

A casual stroll through NYC is a lot cooler while wearing oxblood lipstick.

Swift attended the Sundance Film Festival premiere of Miss Americana last week wearing one of the brightest reds we’ve seen.