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System Shock Remake Launches May 30




System Shock Remake finally got a firm release date, at least on PC. After several delays and an unexpectedly long development cycle that dragged since 2015, the Game launches this year on May 30, developer Nightdive Studios announced. Console versions of the remake are due to arrive at a later, yet unspecified date.

As the devs revealed, they had hoped to launch System Shock this March, but "that turned out to be just beyond [the team's] reach." Following this (hopefully) final delay, the PC edition of the remake is coming in May, and is already available for pre-order across Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store. You can also download a newly released Steam Next Fest playable demo designed to give players an early look at the project's Gameplay at respective storefronts for free.

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As for console editions of the Game, they are definitely in development, but won't release alongside the PC version. The title will launch on PS4, PS5, as well as Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, although Nightdive is not ready to say when. The team will share more details sometime later, so keep an eye on further announcements.

System Shock Remake First-Person Electric Beam Weapon

If you still have no idea what this Game is, here's a quick summary. System Shock is the fully-fledged remake of the innovative 1994's original first-person Game by Looking Glass Studios, which inspired such iconic titles as Deus Ex, Prey and BioShock. The upcoming remake offers everything fans could possibly expect: from revamped Gameplay mechanics, enemy AI, controls and user interface to reworked HD visuals, and new sound and music. Using a combination of stealth, hacking, and firearms, players will fight and explore their ways through Citadel Station, discovering new types of enemies, puzzles, traps, and secrets.

2023 is already known as a year of remakes, with Dead Space, Like a Dragon: Ishin! and Resident Evil 4 being some of the most notable of its first quarter. System Shock is one of several more coming in the next few months, possibly followed by Gothic, Silent Hill 2, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth among others.

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