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SV Bronny James’s 7-year love since high school, beautiful girlfriend Peyton Gelfuso




Brother LeBron James also had a successful professional basketball career.

The girlfriend of the USC Trojan player, Peyton Gelfᴜꜱo, is also planning to play athletics.

Who is Peyton Gelfᴜꜱo, the girlfriend of Bronny Jiménez?

Peyton Gelfo and Bronny Jimeus met at Sierron School for Dentistry.

Bronny graduated in 2023 with the class that Peyton graduated with the year before.

During her high school years, Peyton represented Sir Colin in volleyball, Tennis, and soccer.

Earlier one went to Southern Methodist University, while later one attended The University of Southern California.

At least 54,000 people follow Peyton on Instagram.

The parents of Peyton are David and Emily Gelfo

David and Heidi Gelfó have two children, the second of whom is Peyton.

Her older brother, Potter, is also present.

David, who is her father, is the chief operating officer of Advanced Motion Control.

Founded in 1987 in Cоrоna, California, Advanced Motion Control is a рoweг steering company.

Who are Bronny’s siblings?

The first of three children born to LeBron and Svitonnia James is Bronny James.