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Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets Final Trailer, Shows Fire Flower Donkey Kong




Nintendo has given us another look at the Super Mario Bros. movie before it hits cinemas next month, giving us new scenes that include Chris Pratt's Mario, as well as other characters like Princess Peach, Luigi, and Bowser. This will be the final trailer before the movie finally hits cinemas on April 5 in both Europe and North America, meaning what we have now is all we'll get before the big day.

The trailer opened up with a look at Luigi locked up in Boweser's Castle with a bunch of other little Mario characters, before quickly transitioning to a further look at Donkey Kong and Mario working together, with the former getting a fire flower for the first time. We'd seen Mario and Donkey Kong as enemies in a previous trailer, so perhaps the movie will include some kind of reconsiliation to take down a stronger foe in Bowser. We also get a closer look at the Mario Kart portion of the movie, which includes a bunch of fighting and intense action.

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We also got a very brief look at some new locations we haven't seen before in movie form, including what appears to be the Sand Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey, as we can see from the very obvious upside down pyramid. Whether or not there will be more locations from Super Mario Odyssey is unknown, but there's a fair chance we see a lot more iconic locations from several other popular Mario titles.

While it's going to be nice to finally see the Italian plumber up on the big screen, it's going to be slightly disappointing that we won't get to see the pre-release shenangians of Jack Black, who plays Bowser, anymore. The actor continues to be the best thing about the whole movie, even going so far as to partially and accidentally expose himself on the Kelly Clarkson show earlier this month. Unaware of how tight-fitting his Bowser costume was, Jack Black's nether regions had to be censored in post-production to avoid scarring excited viewers for a lifetime.

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