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Studio Ghibli Park Guests Told To Stop Groping Underage Characters




Studio Ghibli Park is having to tell attendees to act appropriately on its grounds, after pictures emerged of guests groping and upskirting the models of underage characters. The incidents, which are being described by authorities as "extremely unpleasant", have received widespread backlash in Japan, with officials telling these individuals to never return to the park.

Many are also calling on the park to do more to curb inappropriate behaviour at the park, considering the family-friendly nature of Studio Ghibli films. The park is yet to roll out a plan to prevent this from happening on its grounds, so it remains to be seen if the attention of local authorities is enough to dissuade those snapping the lewd images.


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"Posting photos like that on social media is very inappropriate," says local governor, Hideaki Ōmura. "Clearly this action disturbed many people. [Ghibli Park] needs to firmly stop such actions once spotted and confirmed."

Ōmura continues to condemn these park guests, saying he would "much prefer" them to avoid the park altogether. It doesn't seem that this increased pressure has prompted Ghibli Park to take any action, but it did tell Vice that it is working to ensure that guests can have "peace of mind" while on their grounds.

While a statement from a Japanese governor may seem like an overreaction to some, it's easy to see why the issue is being taken so seriously when you consider the context around the situation. This includes the family-friendly nature of the park, the age of the characters in question (12 and 15), and the widespread issue of upskirting, especially in recent years. Upskirting was recently made a clear criminal offence in Japan too, so it's not surprising to see this push to curb behaviour that makes light of this abuse.

It remains to be seen if this pressure is enough to dissuade guests from groping the statues, but considering the widespread backlash, it will probably be enough to stop the next guy from bragging about it all online.

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