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Streamer Awards Hit With "Disheartening" Cancellations Hours Before Event




QTCinderella was recently met with a serious setback as several scheduled attendees of the upcoming Streamer Awards including influencers, content creators, and even some of the nominees have in fact canceled, leaving the organizer in the lurch. The second annual Streamer Awards are currently planned to take place later today. The host has now described feeling “disheartened” by the number of cancellations, especially so close to the show.

The streamer previously said that she invested triple the amount of money in comparison to last year, explaining that she had high hopes for making the Streamer Awards even bigger and better this time around. According to the content creator, the Streamer Awards are about more than just celebrating individual streamers, noting how the ceremony could one day become a platform capable of bringing people together from across the industry.


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The cancellations could have a substantial impact on the show, QTCinderella having introduced a brand new category to the Streamer Awards known as the Streamer’s Streamer Award, something voted on by the many content creators in the audience. With several canceling their attendance, the outcome of this vote could be affected, a winner possibly not even being present to accept the award.

While it remains unclear how many influencers have canceled their attendance at the Streamer Awards, QTCinderella is clearly disappointed about the matter. The streamer held back from pointing any fingers, but she still opened up a little bit about her feelings, taking to social media to vent her frustrations. “The amount of streamers and nominees that have canceled on me today has been disheartening,” QTCinderella explained. “It’s too late to change the seating chart and stuff like that and I’m just sad. Just everyone know that I did my very best to get everyone here.”

QTCinderella previously said that a lack of community between streamers can lead to toxicity within the industry, content creators being for example quick to criticize each other. QTCinderella wants to bring people together, something she considers to be necessary for continued growth within the industry. This would explain why despite the criticism from content creators last year, QTCinderella has pushed hard for the Streamer Awards, going on to organize yet another ceremony.

The host has not announced any changes to the schedule or format of the Streamer Awards, at least for the moment. Whether or not the show will go on as planned or if there will be any last minute adjustments to make up for the cancellations remains to be seen. In any case, the ceremony can still bring attention to some of the talented and hardworking streamers who keep the industry alive.

When it comes to the importance of the Streamer Awards, QTCinderella said in a recent interview with Dextero that “a lot of people think ‘oh, these are big streamers and their audience celebrates them.’ No. Having your peers recognize you is so important. It’s an important thing in life to be recognized.” The influencer went on to explain that “it’s the collaborations that it sparks. It’s the relationships that it sparks. It’s squashing the beef.”

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