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Stephen Hawking on God, artificial intelligence and aliens




According to scientist Stephen Hawking, modern Science is enough to understand the basic principles of the Universe. But he believed that the most advanced alien beings and artificial intelligence, which are advancing at astonishing speeds, pose a great danger to our species.


Hawking saw God as a tool to explain widespread unknowing. Even now, he sees belief in God as an easy way to explain the unknown.

According to Hawking, there is no need to provide proof of faith, since it is very simple.

He mentioned that science is currently advancing rapidly and each discovery proves that “for the Creator there is no space in the cosmos.”


There is a risk of Artificial Intelligence becoming a lethal weapon if it falls into the wrong hands, therefore it is important to take steps to prevent such a situation from happening. Malicious use of AI can have devastating consequences and therefore restrictions on its use are necessary to protect humanity.

If they don’t take steps to robustly control artificial intelligence, this could become an existence threat to our own civilization.

Some believe that the threat of mishandled machines can be avoided by quickly turning off the power supply.

Even if there are certain impairments in terms of the security of computer systems, you must be sure that artificial intelligence will take action to solve said vulnerability.

A person challenged a computer by asking if there was some kind of higher entity, a God.

Stephen Hawking captured his sense of humor when he said that the computer had replied “Now there is” before shutting down on its own.

brothers in mind

Stephen Hawking was someone who took very seriously the possibility that aliens could invade planet Earth, which was viewed with concern by him.

Stephen Hawking, the acclaimed scientist, supported programs to find other intelligent species in the galaxy. However, he warned that we were not quite ready to make contact with others yet and said:

If one day we come into contact with beings of other species, this encounter will probably have the same result as the discoveries made by Christopher Columbus when he was in contact with the original American culture and people.

The physicist spoke about the possibility that in the near future people will find “brothers in mind.”

Drawing on scientific data and using a mathematical perspective, I managed to come to the conclusion that aliens are an undeniable reality.

In the words of the famous Stephen Hawking, it seems that life exists widely in outer space.

Renowned and late scientist Stephen Hawking did not rule out the possibility that aliens exist in the universe, who might be intent on recruiting planetary resources through their devastation. This would put our world, Earth, at risk of being easy prey for them because of how tasty it would be.