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Steam Deck Joel Becomes A Meme Thanks To Buggy The Last Of Us Part 1 PC Launch




The Last Of Us Part 1 launched on PC this week, a day many people have been waiting a long time for, especially following the success of the Game's critically-acclaimed adaptation. However, it seems the port has left many of you wanting, reportedly taking hours to load and crashing pretty frequently. The only shining light is a new meme that has been born from the buggy launch, Steam Deck Joel.

Whether Troy Baker in-Game or Pedro Pascal in live-action, despite surviving in a post-apocalyptic world for 20 years, Joel is a pretty handsome guy. Turns out the secret to taking that rugged son of a gun down a peg or two is to port the best-looking version of his world to date to PC. The image to do Joel dirty is one that turns his eyebrows black and has them cover his eyelids along with a significant chunk of his forehead.

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Joel also appears to have cheekbones so deep they absorb light, and random patches in his hair where it is struggling to render. All in all, the man looks worse than he has ever looked before. That's really saying something considering he has been stitched up on a dirty mattress and brought back from the brink of death in both a video Game and a TV show at this point.

As is often the case when a game is very buggy at launch, those who are annoyed by it have also been managing to poke fun at it. One player claims Steam Deck Joel looks scarier than The Last Of Us's clickers, while another is simply happy to finally know what Joel looks like on Monday mornings. Wait, are Mondays still worse than any other day in The Last Of Us universe?

Prior to its launch, The Last Of Us Part 1's port actually sounded pretty positive. Naughty Dog pushed its arrival back a few weeks, transparently admitting it wanted the Game to be as polished as possible before putting it in the hands of fans. Steam Deck ads also implied the Game would be verified on day one which evidently isn't the case.

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