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Starfield Showcase Will Reportedly Be Announced Next Week




Starfield's next big showcase could be sooner than we thought, with an announcement said to be coming this week. This comes after it was reported yesterday that we can expect more Starfield news "soon", suggesting Bethesda is finally ready to give us a firm release date.

This comes from Rand al Thor and Jez Corden of the Xbox Two podcast, who revealed this info after the initial reports of Starfield's showcase. Many expect this to be the final big Starfield broadcast before its launch, which so far, is set for the first half of the year.

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During the podcast, both Rand and Jez reveal that their sources are saying that the Starfield reveal is coming next week, adding credibility to the previous claim that it's coming "imminently". It is very much expected that, on top of more Gameplay footage, the showcase will also give us a release date, having previously been delayed.


Outside of this speculation, we don't know what to expect from the next Starfield trailer. It's very possible that a new look at the Game would come with the disappointing news that it's being delayed even further, pushing it into the second half of 2023. However, both hosts of Xbox Two seem confident that it's coming this year, possibly in June. And contrary to recent gossip, Rand disagrees that it could be shadow-dropped in a similar manner to the recent Xbox Game Pass hit, Hi-Fi Rush.

Bethesda and Xbox haven't commented on these rumours, and nothing has been confirmed just yet. However, if these sources are accurate, then it will very much be worth keeping an eye on socials next week, as news of the next trailer or developer direct for Starfield could be with us in the coming days. The last thing we heard from the official side of things was earlier in the month, when it was said that the team was still "sorting stuff out" for the showcase. With any luck, that will be sorted very soon.

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