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Starfield Showcase Annoucement Is Reportedly "Imminent"




We could be about to get another Starfield release date, as a new showcase is said to be "imminent". This comes as we still only have the vague "first half of 2023" launch window to go by, with no word on when we can expect to play Bethesda's latest RPG.

As per VGC's editor-in-chief, Andy Robinson, we will get a new Starfield showcase "soon". He doesn't give us a timeframe, but with Sony's State of Play out of the way, Microsoft and Bethesda have all the room they need to drop a Starfield announcement and let us know when the Game is dropping on PC and Xbox.

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This news has dispelled some fears of a delay, as we're about to enter the third month of 2023 without an official release date. Due to this, some feared that a launch window of the first half of the year was too optimistic, perhaps pushing it back into the winter months with other big releases.


The last thing we heard on the official end of things was back in January, when Bethesda said that we'd get a release date reveal "very soon". Hopefully, this as well as Robinson's comments mean we can expect the reveal in the coming weeks or even days.

While this isn't confirmed, a popular fan theory is that Starfield will launch on April 12 - or the International Day of Human Space Flight. It would definitely be fitting, but the Game would have to be in an incredibly good state for Bethesda to be able to launch it on this day for the gimmick. Still, if we're being told that a showcase is coming soon, then it still remains a possibility. Look how well Hi-Fi Rush performed with no build-up. It's safe to say that Bethesda has the name power to drop Starfield with little warning in a similar manner, especially with it coming to Game Pass from day one.

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