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Stardew Valley Dev ConcernedApe Shows Confections Coming In Haunted Chocolatier




After recently celebrating Stardew Valley's seventh anniversary, Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone is back with the first Haunted Chocolatier update of 2023. Where last year we learned about how players will explore the world of Haunted Chocolatier while questing for ingredients, this year we're learning more about what those ingredients will make.

Barone shared a collection of "assorted chocolates" on his Twitter, specifying that at least some of these chocolates will be "haunted." Many are pretty standard looking, with cubes or circles that wouldn't look out of place in a box from Godiva. Others, however, have wildly unusual shapes. One of them has a snake on it. Another looks like a tomato with a face. One is a spooky glove, another is a castle, and still one more has a crown on it.

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There may be some chocolates that are fitting into a theme. One looks like it might be a mug of hot cocoa. Another looks like a muffin, while another has a chess piece placed in the center. And still, another looks like a spiky sea urchin more than a piece of delectable confectionery.

We might have also just been teased on some of the ingredients players will have to find to make some of these chocolates. Cocoa beans are a given, but some of those smaller items might be star anise. Those small circles on the upper right could be hazelnuts, while the small cube in the center could just be sugar.

These are all just sketches, so there's no guarantee that all of them will make it into the final Game. Haunted Chocolatier still doesn't have a release date, and fans shouldn't expect it to arrive anytime soon. We know it's been in development for a few years, but Stardew Valley took Barone five years to make.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the combat coming in Haunted Chocolatier as well as a bee boss fight set to salsa music.

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